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OneSci Open Access Journals are dedicated to the publication of high quality peer reviewed empirical content. Both access and submission of scientific articles are free for all journals. OneSci articles are indexed by Google Scholar and have high search engine visibility. If you are accepted for publication in OneSci, we ask that you peer review several article submissions in your field. This allows the journal to maintain a high standard for publication while providing free access.

Here at OneSci we are well informed of the pubication status quo, after all that's why we exist. While you are seeking a high-impact home for your latest discovery, we ask you to consider that publication and access of OneSci Journals are both completely free. This is possible because there is almost no operating costs in an online-only model. You are the authors and editors of all the content, why should you pay to submit and pay to access? Why are you giving away the legal rights to your own work? Publish in OneSci!
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